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All My Children Recap: Part One
Jack confides to Erica (Susan Lucci) how concerned he is about Greenlee. Desperate to get off the island and back home to Emma, Annie tells Ryan she fears their whole marriage has been jinxed from the start.

Meanwhile, Richie gleefully awaits his first meeting with his little niece. Irked to see her ex walk into The Comeback, Krystal (Bobbie Eakes) reminds Adam of his promise to steer clear. Ava tearfully reveals to the ladies of Fusion how Jonathan popped the question the night before. Erica cautions Jack not to get his hopes up about Kendall forgiving Greenlee any time soon.

Lily is upset to learn that Jonathan asked her sister to marry him

All My Children Recap: Part Two
Tad challenges Hannah to a game of pool. Adam implores Krystal not to punish his brother by banning Stuart from her home. Annie cons the Coast Guard into taking her and Ryan off the island despite the terrible storm. Kendall pretends to be happy to share news of Ian and Spike with a beaming Greenlee.

Babe (Amanda Baker) and "Wes" take Emma and little Adam on a picnic.

Ava apologizes to Jonathan for running out on him in a moment of panic.

Later, Jonathan hands Ava the engagement ring he selected and asks her to hold on to it while she decides what answer to give him. Erica catches Kendall writing another of "Greenlee's" letters to Spike and warns her daughter to bring her vendetta to an end. Krystal finally agrees to let Stuart visit her again.

Richie convinces Babe to dismiss Emma's bodyguard for the day.

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