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All My Children: Episode Guide (Part I)

Zach is puzzled to find his wife ranting at the empty air. Explaining how she was simply venting some leftover anger at Greenlee, Kendall assures Zach she's fine now. At the courthouse, Annie tells Richie she can't fight him any more and wants to mend fences. JR (Jacob Young) brags to his dad that he's found a backer for his latest business venture. Surprised by the turnaround in Annie's attitude, Richie accepts his sister's invitation to join her for dinner. Meanwhile, Greenlee and Aidan make plans to go searching for the skeletons in Richie's closet.

All My Children: Episode Guide (Part II)

JR admits he's having second thoughts about basing the entire beauty network on the future Mrs. Jonathan Lavery, then reveals to Adam how close he and Ava have come to having sex on more than one occasion. Zach and Kendall discuss the cochlear implant surgery and how it will impact Spike's life. A guilt-ridden Ava offers her fiance the chance to back out of their engagement. Greenlee is pleased to think that her days as the town pariah are finally at an end. Adam cautions his son not to jump into bed with a troublemaker like Ava.

All My Children: Episode Guide (Part III)

After Zach departs, Kendall (Alicia Minshew) again uploads new journal entries into Greenlee's computer. Jonathan promises Ava he can't wait for them to tie the knot so they can start building a life together. JR teases Adam about his obvious infatuation with his most recent ex-wife. Richie informs Annie he won't be satisfied until she gives up seven years of her life the way he was forced to when she sent him to prison. Greenlee decides to postpone her trip with Aidan after Kendall calls to set up a meeting.

Ryan and Annie team up to pull a con on Richie.

All My Children
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