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All My Children: Recap, 10-15-2007 (Part One)

Annie jumps in front of Ryan's gun as it discharges, then crumples to the floor in front of her stunned brother. An impatient Zach pressures JR to get Greenlee out of Fusion before any more time passes. Meanwhile, Greenlee (Sabine Singh) is thrilled when Kendall brings Spike to the park to visit with her.

As Ryan cradles his "dead" wife in his arms, Richie nervously edges towards the door. Josh again questions Hannah's story about why she supposedly returned to Pine Valley.

Kendall (Alicia Minshew) bristles when Greenlee tries signing to Spike. Amanda assumes the worst when JR presents her with a pair of diamond earrings out of the blue. Josh tells Zach he believes Hannah is still hiding something. Later, Zach confides to his brother-in-law how he's been using JR to pay Greenlee back for all the trouble she's caused their family.

All My Children: Recap, 10-15-2007 (Part Two)

Pointing the gun at Richie, Ryan bitterly accuses him of causing Annie's death. Babe confides to Tad how she's having trouble reconciling Annie's terrible tales about her brother with the gentle soul she knew as Wes. Josh agrees to lend a hand in Zach's scheme. After bolting from the Laverys' place, Richie rushes to the Comeback and begs Babe for help. Adam orders an irked Hannah to either follow his instructions or live to regret it.

Greenlee tearfully admits to Kendall how much she misses her best friend. Tad, Babe (Amanda Baker) and Richie return to Ryan's place to find Annie alive and well. JR assures Amanda he isn't running around on her but she suspects that her lover is still hot for Ava. Ryan (Cameron Mathison) and Annie congratulate one another on giving Richie a taste of his own medicine.

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