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PART I: As All My Children resumes, Greenlee is astonished to learn from JR that her fertilized embryos are apparently being held hostage by Zach Slater. At the hospital, Joe explains to Spike's distressed parents why the boy may not be a candidate for cochlear implant surgery after all. Corrina and Colby agree to act as a mini-focus group for Fusion's youth product line. Hannah presses Josh to give her the real scoop on Zach's mysterious business dealings with JR. Kendall panics at the thought of her son losing his last chance to hear again. Greenlee wonders if JR (Jacob Young) is playing her but he assures her his source inside Cambias is completely trustworthy.

PART II: Amanda fumes when Ava pulls a diva act at Fusion moments before an important interview and photo shoot. Zach encourages his weeping wife to hold onto hope for Spike's sake as well as her own. Ava's wild new "do" intrigues Corrina but irritates Babe and Amanda. JR tries to convince Greenlee he's as eager as she is to bring Zach down. Meanwhile, Kendall nearly lets her revenge scheme slip to Zach. Annie attempts to console a dejected Ryan as he contemplates watching his son grow up deaf. Greenlee appeals to Josh for information about his brother-in-law's devious plan. Aidan continues his hunt for a possible witness to Richie's first murder years ago. Ryan and Annie (Melissa Claire Egan) are thrilled when Spike says "dada" for the first time.

All My Children
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