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Part One

Erica again urges Kendall to end her vendetta against Greenlee.

Explaining how she hacked into her enemy's computer to plant false journal entries about Spike, Kendall (Alicia Minshew) insists that success will be well worth the risk of getting caught. At The Comeback, Krystal introduces herself to Hannah after watching the newcomer beat Tad at a game of pool. Greenlee gets miffed when Aidan informs her she can no longer be part of his private investigations. Erica pleads with her daughter to forget about punishing Greenlee and instead enjoy the precious time she has with her young sons.

Part Two

Sean accuses Adam of trying to ruin his life

Zach instructs JR to lure Greenlee (Sabine Singh) away from Fusion by hinting that some of her fertilized eggs might still be viable after all. Ren and Dre argue once again about the worth of the anti-war movement. Colby encourages her dad not to give up on Krystal. JR begins to wonder if Zach really does have a way for Greenlee to bear Ryan's child. Erica is relieved when Kendall finally agrees to stop seeking revenge on her former best friend. Later, however, Kendall secretly continues her scheme to bring Greenlee down. Hannah and Krystal commiserate about the pain of loving Mr. Wrong.

All My Children
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