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All My Children Recap, Part I

Fully aware that her visitor is really Adam, Krystal nevertheless invites "Stuart" to come in and finish his painting. At The Comeback, Hannah plants a lingering kiss on Tad in order to drive off a new female admirer moving in on him. Zach (Thorsten Kaye) pressures JR to work harder on removing Greenlee from Fusion. Meanwhile, Greenlee gingerly confides to Jackson her renewed hopes for having a child of her own. Erica returns from Paris and informs Kendall she's wise to her game. Tad tells Hannah his relationship with Jenny's mother isn't exactly traditional. Jackson surprises his daughter by throwing his support behind her dream.

All My Children Recap, Part II

Krystal (Bobbie Eakes) pointedly reminds "Stuart" that she never intends to repeat the mistake she made the night before no matter how much she yearns for Adam. Kendall admits to Erica how she's been laying the groundwork to prove that Greenlee is dangerously unstable. Aidan hacks into Zach's computer files. Krystal catches Adam cuddling her baby daughter. Erica (Susan Lucci) urges Kendall to abandon her scheme. Later, Kendall's resolve begins to waver once again. Taken aback to learn the whole story of the frozen embryos, Jackson wonders if Greenlee (Sabine Singh) is setting herself up for more heartache. Zach and Kendall each put the final phases of their respective plans into action. Krystal gives "Stuart" the green light to stick around.

Hannah seductively invites Tad back to her place...

All My Children
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