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All My Children: Episode Guide Part One
Zach explains to Kendall and Josh how Hannah has been having a tough day. With the storm still raging, "Wes" convinces Babe (Amanda Baker) that they and the kids should stay at the cabin for the night. Meanwhile, Greenlee tells an alarmed JR his ex-wife and his son are out somewhere with a dangerous ex-con. Kendall happily announces to a delighted Zach that baby Ian drank from his first bottle.

As Ryan tries to calm a hysterical Annie, Krystal (Bobbie Eakes) frets for her missing daughter and JR calls in the Chandler security force to begin a search. "Wes" tells Babe he "accidentally" broke her cell phone.

All My Children: Episode Guide Part Two
Later, an unwitting Babe remarks on how quickly "Wes" forged a bond with Emma. Tad hurries to The Comeback to help JR look for little Adam and the others. Krystal kicks herself for hiring Richie in the first place. Greenlee apologizes to Annie for all the cracks she used to make about the other woman's apparently perfect life. Hoping to find a clue, Ryan and Aidan sift through Richie's room at the Pine Cone motel.

Hannah listens glumly to Kendall and Zach bubbling over about their baby boy.

All My Children: Episode Guide Part Three
Worried about his grandson, Adam offers Krystal his sincere apology for the pain he caused her and Jenny. Josh demands answers from Hannah, who finally admits that nothing happened between her and Zach on the night she left town. Annie's panic intensifies after she learns that Emma's bodyguard has no idea where Babe or the children might be. Hannah and Josh begin to make love in her office at Cambias but she suddenly bolts from the room. As Babe and little A return to the Comeback, Annie comes face to face with ... her brother!

All My Children
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