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Part I

Richie hands Emma back to a trembling Annie as Krystal and the others at The Comeback fill in a stunned Babe on "Wes'" real identity. Zach admits to Kendall how Hannah begged him to impregnate her the night she left Pine Valley. Ryan and Aidan drag Richie to the pump house and tie him to a post. Zach assures his wife he's been faithful to her. Meanwhile, Josh (Colin Egglesfield) presses Hannah for the truth about her real motive in returning to town.

Part II

JR blasts Babe for putting their son in jeopardy by dating a dangerous ex-con.

Richie tells a seething Ryan that Annie has lied about him for years. Hannah confides to Josh how she was forced to seek psychiatric help after her total obsession with Zach led to her being unable to distinguish between reality and fantasy. Despite rough questioning from both Aidan and Ryan, Richie continues to insist he had nothing to do with Eddie's arrival in Pine Valley or any of the strange business with his mother's locket.

Part III

Kendall Hart fumes at the thought of Hannah trying to seduce her husband. Though Babe (Amanda Baker) declares that Richie was a perfect gentleman the whole time he was with her and the kids, Annie reminds the police how her brother always manages to charm his way out of trouble even after he commits the most heinous of crimes. Tad reassures Greenlee that Aidan can more than hold his own against any opponent.

Part IV

Josh offers to speak to his brother-in-law about keeping Hannah on at Cambias Industries. Aidan asks Ryan to leave him alone with their prisoner. Later, Aidan (Aiden Turner) strings Richie up with a noose around his neck. Hannah is revealed to be secretly in cahoots with Adam. Hearing the police at the door, Richie kicks out the chair from beneath his feet.

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