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PART ONE: Ava finds Lily compiling a list of items her sister will need for her wedding. After rushing to prevent Richie from strangling on the noose, Aidan and Ryan try to explain what transpired but quickly find themselves handcuffed and under arrest. Amanda warns an irked Jonathan that marrying Ava would be the biggest mistake of his life. At the precinct house, Lt. Perry threatens to charge Ryan and his cohort with attempted murder while Annie (Melissa Claire Egan) fears her brother may have once again succeeded in making himself seem like an innocent victim.

Meanwhile, in the ER, Babe demands some answers from Richie.

PART TWO: Ava admits to Lily that she's not sure she does love Jonathan enough to walk down the aisle. Apologizing for keeping his identity a secret, Richie tells a skeptical Babe how his sister wrecked his life and the lives of both their parents. Walter arrives and embraces his son, then is outraged to learn how Richie was injured. Greenlee asks her father to represent Aidan and Ryan but Jackson (Walt Willey) cautions his clients that their claims will be difficult to prove. Lily encourages her sister to believe that she and Jonathan can make each other happy.

Walter rails at Annie when she arrives at the hospital.

All My Children
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