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PART I: Greenlee snipes at Aidan for leaking her secret about hiring Dr. Hilliard to help Spike. Meanwhile, Erica marches into Hilliard's office and is astonished to realize that Don is a man she met during rehab at the Betty Ford clinic. Kendall happily assumes that Spike cried because he heard a lamp fall over, but a worried Zach hastens to phone Dr. Norton.

PART II: Amused to realize that Adam has been impersonating Stuart, JR warns his father and his uncle that their plan is bound to backfire in both their faces. At The Comeback, Babe proudly shows Wes her brand new diploma. Aidan informs a startled Greenlee that she was the one who actually blabbed the truth to Jackson (Walt Willey) while high on painkillers.

Erica angrily accuses Don of peddling false hope to vulnerable people like her daughter.

PART III: After administering epinephrine to resuscitate Spike, Dr. Norton explains to an agitated Kendall, Ryan, Zach and Annie that the child suffered a severe allergic reaction. JR offers Adam a business proposition centering around Ava. Greenlee shows Aidan the locket she found washed up on the beach. Kendall fears that the vitamins she gave her son may have nearly cost Spike his life.

PART IV: Babe (Amanda Baker) wonders if Ava's bouts of nausea could mean she's pregnant. Greenlee asks Aidan to track down the locket's history. Erica tells Spike's parents how Hilliard lost his medical license while addicted to painkillers, then reveals that it was Greenlee who hired the charlatan in the first place.

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