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As All My Children resumes, at Fusion, Annie relates for Babe and Amanda how frightened everyone was by Spike's close call. Meanwhile, a seething Ryan informs Greenlee that her meddling nearly cost his young son his life a second time.

Episode Recap, Sept. 11, 2007 ...

Unable to attract any potential investors, JR casts around for a new way to finance his business plan. Ava buys a home pregnancy test. The crew at The Comeback observes a moment of silence on this, the 6th anniversary of the tragic and historic September 11th terrorist attacks.

After nude photos of Ava in her lover's arms appear on the internet, the ladies of Fusion scold their model for her latest scandalous behavior.

Tad, Colby, Sean and their new pals sadly discuss how the news affected each of them on the day the Twin Towers fell. Later, Tad is cheered by an encounter with little Kathy. Kendall confides to Zach how she feels that she's failed Spike miserably.

After another bout of nausea, Ava tosses the pregnancy test into the trash without opening it.

Ryan warns Greenlee he's having her monitored 24 hours a day to ensure that she never gets near his family again. Though the others decide to attend a memorial service for the victims of 9/11, Dre balks at joining his friends. JR suggests to a wary Jonathan that they partner up to help all of Ava's dreams come true.

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