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Part 1... As this All My Children episode begins, Kendall thanks Zach for keeping her honest every time she gets out of line. Krystal tells "Stuart" she knows how devoted he is to her little Jenny. JR explains to a fuming Amanda why his boat has been repossessed. Erica invites a wary Greenlee to join her and Jackson for dinner at the yacht club. Annie tearfully confesses to Ryan that she was responsible for her mother's suicide.

Part 2... Kendall sends Zach a clear signal that she's eager to resume the intimate part of their relationship. "Stuart" attempts to convey to Krystal how much Adam misses her and Colby. Jackson finds himself caught in the crossfire as Greenlee and Erica openly snipe at one another. Annie describes for Ryan how her testimony put her sociopathic brother in prison for ten years after Ritchie pushed Walter out the window.

JR reminds a skeptical Amanda that his new business plan will soon have them both rolling in dough.

Part 3... Ryan urges his unhappy wife not to blame herself for Ritchie's crimes or her mother subsequently taking her own life. Zach and Kendall make love. Revealing how she lied on the stand to get Ritchie convicted, a weeping Annie again insists she doesn't deserve Ryan's love. Later, Ryan persuades her to toss her mother's locket into the sea. Erica gets a surprise when she storms into Dr. Hilliard's office unannounced.

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