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PART ONE: As she "kangaroos" with baby Ian, Kendall spots Greenlee gazing in at them through the window of the NICU. Ryan (Cameron Mathison) heads to the prison for a talk with Ritchie but the facility's resident psychologist reveals that the inmate in question has already been released. Meanwhile, Annie is rattled to find the locket inside her purse along with her mother's embroidered handkerchief.

  • Zach corners Greenlee and icily advises her to leave Pine Valley.

PART TWO: Dr. Chambers informs Ryan that Richard Novak is an innocent man who should never have been incarcerated in the first place. Aidan starts pressing a flustered Annie (Melissa Claire Egan) for details about her peculiar predicament. Sitting with Spike in the park, Kendall ponders how close she once was to Greenlee and how far apart they are now. Later, Kendall pays a call on her former best friend. Ryan demands straight answers from the prison shrink, who insists that Ritchie was framed by his own sister.

  • Annie stubbornly refuses to tell Aidan who she believes has been tormenting her.
  • Zach receives an unexpected visit from Hannah.
All My Children
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