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PART ONE: Erica and Jackson are cute and playful on the set of "He Said, She Said" up until the cameras start rolling. Kendall shares some of the research she's done on children with hearing loss.

  • After hearing about the attempted robbery, Adam (David Canary) insists that his daughter will no longer be employed at The Comeback.
  • Ryan and Annie confide to Kendall and Zach why they've decided to move out before their presence endangers their hosts.

PART TWO: As Ava begins recuperating from her appendectomy, Jonathan reminds his pouting girlfriend that a few scars are a small price to pay for saving her life. Colby explains to Adam why it's so important for her to keep her job and maintain some semblance of independence.

Annie reluctantly agrees to let the Slaters look after Emma for the child's own safety. JR threatens to squeal on his dad for passing himself off as Stuart in order to visit Krystal. Tad and Julia clear the air between them as he assures her that she and Kathy are welcome in his home any time.

PART THREE: Colby (Ambyr Childers) gives Dre some insight into her odd living arrangements. Jonathan tells Ava why he will never have any children. Kendall reaches out to Annie, reassuring Emma's mom that she and her little girl will reunite.

  • Later, Ryan is surprised when Kendall urges him to call off the 24-hour tail on Greenlee. Ava encourages Jonathan to believe that his troubled past is ancient history, dead and buried.
  • Colby becomes curious about Dre's back story. JR gleefully shows Ava and Jonathan the latest edition of the Exposer which details Mr. Lavery's criminal record.
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