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PART ONE: Stunned to learn that Jason is deaf and has cochlear implants, Kendall accuses Zach of conspiring with her mother to sandbag her.

Babe (Amanda Baker) and Wes come to the morgue to identify the body of the man who tried to rob the bar. Meanwhile, Derek tells Ryan and a rattled Annie how the John Doe who died of a drug overdose closely matches the description of Ritchie Novak. Though Adam feels confident his daughter will soon be home for good, Tad advises his old nemesis to understand that Colby is already happy and thriving under his roof.

PART TWO: A red-faced Krystal apologizes for kissing Stuart, who admits how his twin did impersonate him in order to get closer to his ex.

Wes continues to turn on the charm with Babe.

Adam and Tad (Michael E. Knight) hurl insults at one another as they reopen old wounds. Zach explains to his bristling wife why he believed meeting Jason would help her come to a decision about Spike's future. Annie tells Ryan she's going to come clean about the lie which sent her brother to prison if the corpse at the morgue is indeed Ritchie. Tad warns Adam never to go near Jenny again. Kendall (Alicia Minshew) snipes at Erica for trying to control every situation.

A tearful Babe leans on Wes for support. Krystal is startled to overhear Tad telling Adam he's in love with her.

All My Children
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