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PART ONE: At the morgue, a shaken Annie informs Ryan that the corpse is not her brother.

Krystal blasts both Tad and Adam for their constant bickering. Jason assures Kendall his cochlear implants have helped him feel like any other kid. Annie insists Ritchie set her up by finding a lookalike and giving him an identical tattoo. Aidan returns to the beach with Greenlee in an effort to determine what happened the day he was attacked. Derek learns that the late Eddie was until recently incarcerated in the same cellblock as Ritchie Novak.

PART TWO: Greenlee realizes that Aidan suspects Annie may have knocked him unconscious and stolen the locket. Meanwhile, Ryan considers buying his wife a gun for her own protection. Kendall and Zach again discuss Spike's uncertain future. Later, Kendall asks Joe for information about cochlear implants for her son. Alone with Adam, Krystal is forced to fight off old feelings for her ex. After vetoing Ryan's suggestion about the gun, Annie throws all the doors and windows wide open and settles down to wait. Tad explains to Joe why he doubts that he has any chance to win Krystal's heart while she's still pining for Adam.

Greenlee and Aidan grow even closer...

All My Children
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