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PART ONE: With help from Aidan, Greenlee covers herself in temporary tattoos in order to pose as Eddie's grieving widow. Annie tells Ryan she wants Richie to make his move and be done with it. Dre, Corrina and Ren pose for publicity photos snapped by Sean (Brent Weber).

Colby breakfasts at the Chandler mansion with her grateful dad. Krystal reminds Tad why he has no business meddling in her personal life beyond their shared love and concern for Jenny. Though Ryan urges his wife to believe he'll keep her safe, Annie insists she's through hiding from her sociopathic brother.

PART TWO: Tad gently forces Krystal to admit she's still hooked on her ex. Adam and Colby enjoy fishing together for the first time in years. Aidan frantically attempts to prevent Jackson (Walt Willey) from walking in on Greenlee's performance at the police station. Ryan decides to take Annie to a private island for some R&R. Adam apologizes to his daughter for trying to control her life for so long.

  • Dre balks at allowing a perplexed Sean to take a close-up of him.
  • Greenlee gets busted by her father as shessift through Eddie's stuff.

Krystal tells Adam why she doesn't want his twin brother coming by anymore...

All My Children
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