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Part One
Cornering Greenlee (Sabine Singh) and Aidan, Jackson demands to know why his daughter is now suddenly all kinds of festooned with piercings and tattoos. Erica covers nicely to prevent Zach from catching on to his wife's newest scheme. Later, out of Zach's earshot, Kendall reminds her mother why she's so determined to carry out her revenge against Greenlee.

Part Two
Aidan explains his plan to a fuming Jack but balks at divulging the exact nature of the case on which he's been working. Meanwhile, Greenlee happily confides to Kendall that she and Aidan have grown close.

Zach is irritated to find Hannah standing at the window of the NICU, staring in at baby Ian. Ava scoffs at JR's declaration that his interest in her is strictly business. Erica (Susan Lucci) cautions Kendall to beware of retaliation from Greenlee once she realizes she's been tricked.

Part Three
Hannah assures a skeptical Zach she doesn't want to cause him or his family any trouble. Sifting through Eddie's personal effects, Aidan finds an uncashed check for five thousand dollars - from Annie Lavery.

JR advises Ava to cut Fusion loose any way she can. Babe promises Wes that she and her ex-husband are truly over. Hannah secretly reports on her progress to an unseen co-conspirator. Aidan presses the redial on Eddie's cell phone and is connected to Annie's voicemail.

All My Children
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