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PART ONE: Greenlee can't stop thinking about her stolen night with Aidan.

Meanwhile, Jackson thanks Aidan (Aiden Turner) for saving his daughter's life when she was choking. Annie and Ryan return to Pine Valley. Zach confronts his wife with the vial he found and asks Kendall why she kept secret the fact that Dr. Hilliard has begun treating Spike.

Erica can't resist taking a few verbal potshots when she encounters Greenlee at Fusion late at night.

PART TWO: Josh and Julia (Sydney Penny) bury the hatchet as they spend some time beside baby Ian's bassinet in the NICU. Kendall tries to wriggle out of trouble with her angry husband. Ryan tells Annie how it seemed like she and her dad were putting on a show for his benefit during their visit to Chicago. Greenlee fires back at her former stepmother, accusing Erica of jerking Jackson around for years. Kendall bristles when Zach reminds her that Spike may never regain his hearing. Ryan researches his father-in-law's accident and discovers that Annie lied to him about how Walter became deaf.

PART THREE: Later, an enraged Annie warns Ryan to stop sticking his nose into her private business. Julia cheerfully shares with Josh how excited Kathy is about starting school. Aidan assures Greenlee he hasn't breathed a word to anyone about their one night stand.

Saddened by her grandsons' health troubles, Erica turns to Jack for consolation once more.

All My Children
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