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All My Children
Episode Guide 4/10/08

Today on All My Children, Ryan tells Annie he understands why she would want to move on with her life. Greenlee arranges to meet Zach at Confusion for a discussion about her faltering love life. Jackson visits the women's prison, where Erica prods him to help Carmen beat the rap.

Tad and Krystal prepare to celebrate their daughter's first birthday with family and friends. As the Hubbards arrive for the party, Jesse is delighted to meet Jenny's young namesake for the first time.

Ryan asks Annie to hold off on filing the papers until he's had more time to try and recover his memory. After disclosing how badly she screwed up where Aidan is concerned, Greenlee explains to Zach why she wants his assistance winning back the man of her dreams.

Fondly recalling his days with Tad's late sister, Jesse tells baby Jenny the story of how he and her aunt met at Foxy's and became fast friends. Erica is pleased when Jack promises to see what he can do for Carmen's case. Much to Ryan's relief, Annie rips up the divorce documents.

Carmen glumly reminds Erica how difficult it is for real women without wealth or connections to get by in the real world. Zach finally agrees to lend Greenlee a hand.

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All My Children
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