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All My Children
Episode Recap, 4.11.08

Today on All My Children, Greenlee does her best femme fatale impression as she tries to seduce Aidan back. Although resistant at first, Aidan is won over by Greenlee's charms.

Erica is aghast to learn Kendall plans to tell Zach about her one night with Aidan.

Kendall returns home to face Zach, who is already slightly suspicious after a conversation with Annie (in which she talks about a secret between Kendall and Aidan).

Adam reaches out to JR. Tad and Krystal allow Adam to stay when he arrives at Jenny's birthday party. Krystal fights her attraction to Adam, who clearly still has strong feelings for her.

Rob still poses a serious threat to Jesse.

Colby blatantly flirts with Frankie.

What happens next? Find out in our All My Children spoilers ...

All My Children
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