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All My Children
Episode Guide, 4/14/08

Today on All My Children ...

  • Annie thanks Livia for advising her to reconsider divorcing Ryan. Ryan tells his therapist how he's begun having memories of his marriage to Greenlee. As they bask in the afterglow, Aidan and Greenlee happily discuss their impending nuptials.
  • Kendall returns home, determined to make a clean breast of things with her husband, but she loses her nerve when she and Zach come face to face. Annie explains to Livia why she's postponing any decisions about ending her troubled marriage.

Aidan hastily vetoes Greenlee's suggestion that he make Kendall his "best man." Later, Aidan asks Tad to stand up for him instead. Zach gently reminds his wife how much he loves her. Struggling to find the right words, Kendall tearfully describes how alone and hopeless she felt after he vanished into the bomb shelter.

As Kendall finally confesses that she slept with Aidan, Zach surprises her by revealing that he already knew about her indiscretion. Ryan storms out after his therapist points out that he may be suppressing memories of Annie because he wasn't completely happy with her. Zach sadly admits to Kendall how he feels betrayed more by her lack of trust in him than the fact that she had sex with Aidan.

A beaming Greenlee announces her big news to Annie.

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