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All My Children
Episode Guide, 4/16

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Samuel visits Erica, who demands that he find a way to get Carmen a new trial so that justice can be served and her friend can be released. Samuel continues to be awed by Erica and her passion. Erica receives a potentially threatening note from a fellow inmate that says:


Frankie suggests to Angie that he rejoin the force. Angie forbids it, afraid that he'll be hurt again - his job took him away for 20 years, and she won't let that happen again. Over Angie's protests, Frankie plans on getting a place of his own. Jesse tells Rob he doesn't think Raphael was really Papel, the person responsible for his twenty year long nightmare.

Jesse believes a clue to the mystery could be buried in "Jesse's" coffin and decides to dig it up. A duplicitous Rob offers to help Jesse in any way he can, hopeful that the information he needs could be there. After a shot police officer is brought into the hospital, Frankie realizes his father could be injured if he rejoins the force.

Colby tells Adam she's decided to go to college at Pine Valley University because she doesn't want him to be alone. Adam gets angry, and seems to have a heart episode. Colby and Krystal call the paramedics and have Adam rushed to the hospital when he suffers some sort of attack.

The love between Adam and Krystal is undeniable as she tries to calm him in the ambulance. Colby has stars in her eyes as she watches Frankie tend to her father.

JR insists to Babe they could make things work between them. Babe is afraid to be sucked into the Chandler universe again, knowing how she and her mother have been hurt in the past.

Colby calls JR about Adam being in the hospital, so Babe heads there with JR. OLTL News of John and Talia's affair quickly spreads throughout town. John and Cristian almost come to blows at the diner. Bo is very disappointed with John and tells him so.

Jessica learns of the affair and has a bitchy exchange with Talia, blaming her for hurting Antonio. Talia tells Jessica that's a case of the pot calling the kettle black. Antonio and Jessica share a nice moment together.

Natalie learns about John and Talia. Jared's jealous as he sees the connection between John and Natalie. Natalie continues to fight her feelings for Jared and he does the same.

John tells Natalie that Allison will likely never come out of her coma. Natalie wants to know what's really going on with John, suspecting there is more to the Talia situation than meets the eye.

Starr enlists Langston's help in her plan to terminate her pregnancy. Starr tells Langston they're going to switch places so that Starr can sneak out of the house.

Clint defends his unorthodox business actions to Nora and refuses to apologize for doing what he did.

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