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All My Children
Episode Recap, 4.17.08

Today on All My Children ...

Annie lends a hand as Ryan tinkers with his motorcycle. Greenlee cheerfully begins working on a guest list while Aidan attempts to put the brakes on his fiancee's plans for a speedy wedding.

Tad confides to Joe how unsettling he finds Robert's continuing presence in Pine Valley.

At the hospital, Angie tells a grumbling Adam he most likely suffered a panic attack. Greenlee presents Aidan with an expensive watch as an engagement gift.

Zach assures Kendall he's already put her indiscretion behind him. Annie tells Ryan she considers any memory he retrieves a godsend, even if it isn't about her. Aidan suggests to Greenlee that it would be in her best interest to sign a pre-nup but promises his future bride he intends to work hard enough to support them both.

Ryan, Annie and Emma enjoy an afternoon at the beach. Greenlee breaks her exciting news to Kendall. Alone in his office at the casino, Zach vents his anger about his wife's infidelity.

Colby thanks Frankie for helping her father. Meanwhile, Angie warns Adam he's heading for trouble unless he reduces his stress level. Aidan unwittingly picks the worst time to approach Zach about a job.

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All My Children
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