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All My Children
Episode Guide, 4/18/08

Today on All My Children ...

Zach struggles to stuff down his anger when Aidan comes to ask him about the job at Cambias he once proposed. Kendall panics when Zach accepts Greenlee's invitation for them to have dinner with her and Aidan (her fear over Greenlee finding out she slept with Aidan at high).

Greenlee and Kendall meet with a group of high school girls in a mentoring program and the experience reminds Kendall how much she stands to lose if Greenlee ever learns the truth of her betrayal.

Annie and Ryan rush Emma to the hospital when she suffers an allergic reaction to a bug bite. Annie's heart breaks when she sees Ryan's love for Emma and longs for him to have those feelings for her.

Erica faces her laundry duty with clear disdain. Carmen warns Erica she needs to start keeping a lower profile and not antagonize the other prisoners. Erica is surrounded.

  • Angie and Krystal share some girl talk about the men in their lives.
  • Angie is concerned about Krystal's feelings for Adam.

Tad refuses to go along with Jesse's latest plan to dig up his grave (and find out the truth behind why he was being chased for 20 years) and warns Rob to keep his distance. Angie realizes Jesse is still involved in the investigation even though she asked him to let it go.

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