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All My Children
Episode Recap, 4.22.08

Today on All My Children ...

Erica gets excited about helping their fellow prisoners, but Carmen thinks that her friend is simply trying to stay busy in order to keep her mind off of Jackson. Ryan spends the night on Annie's couch.

In the morning, Annie thanks him for being there for Emma during her ordeal in the ER. Kendall is shaken by a dream about Aidan. Carmen prods Erica to admit how much she still loves Jack.

Greenlee and Aidan enjoy a blissful night celebrating their engagement but he balks when she suggests they go break their happy news to her dad

Although Zach attempts to reassure her, Kendall wonders if things will feel right between them ever again. Erica relates for Carmen the tale of her long and tumultuous relationship with Jackson.

Annie and Ryan agree that Emma needs to be their top priority. Later, Annie invites her estranged husband to move into the guest room for the sake of their young daughter.

As Aidan decides to approach his future father-in-law alone, Greenlee ponders the weird vibe she was getting from Kendall the night before. At the prison, Kendall sadly tells her dismayed mother how her confession has put a strain on her marriage.

Meanwhile, Greenlee questions Zach, who claims the rough patch he's going through with his wife is just a residue of his time in the bunker. Aidan nervously asks Jackson for his daughter's hand in marriage.

Erica urges a guilt-stricken Kendall not to reveal her secret to Greenlee.

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