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All My Children
Episode Recap
April 23, 2008

Today on All My Children ...

Zach reminds his wife that running away won't solve their problems. Greenlee bumps into Ryan at the Comeback as she pores over bridal magazines for ideas about her wedding dress.

Adam reluctantly admits to JR how he needs help with Chandler Enterprises now that he's no longer at the top of his game. Jesse tells his son that the police are finally going to open "his" grave in hopes of learning the identity of the person buried within.

Ryan explains to Greenlee why he's moved back into the penthouse for Emma's sake. Tad confides to Krystal how he can't stop wondering about Kate and yearning to know where his long-lost daughter might be. Frankie decides to join his parents at the cemetery for the exhumation.

JR agrees to lend his grateful father a hand. Pleased to learn how Ryan has had more memories of their time together, Greenlee enjoys reminiscing about the old days with her ex. Later, Greenlee realizes that she may no longer want children after she marries Aidan.

Standing in the graveyard, Angie gives thanks for the miracle of her husband's return. Tad bemoans the fact that he's failed to fulfill his promise to Dixie because he still hasn't found her child.

Kendall grows angry and impatient when Zach refuses to discuss their situation any further.

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