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All My Children
Recap, April 3, 2008

Today on All My Children, Kendall can't stop fretting about her fugitive mother. Jesse and Angie enjoy planning a future for themselves and their son. Touched by Aidan's marriage proposal, Greenlee admits that his surprise has left her speechless.

Kendall again criticizes her husband for being cruel to Ryan. Jesse tells Angie about the flattering job offer from Samuel but assures his wife he's already turned it down.

Tad asks Krystal if she ever misses the chaos and excitement of her old life at the Chandler mansion.

Greenlee suggests to a disappointed Aidan that tying the knot might ruin the good thing they have going. Angie and Jesse happily reminisce about the early days of their storybook romance.

Stung by Greenlee's rejection, Aidan heads to Confusion to drown his sorrows.

Meanwhile, Greenlee storms over to the Slaters' place and blasts Zach for showing Ryan the casino video. After hoisting more than a few drinks, Aidan decides to pay a call on Annie.

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All My Children
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