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All My Children
Episode Guide, 4.4.08

Today on All My Children, Jesse surprises Angie by taking her to the home of the Justice of the Peace who married them. Even thought the JP is no longer alive, they romantically renew their wedding vows.

Greenlee tracks down Ryan and refuses to let him walk out of her life. Kendall finds a drunken Aidan at Annie's. Annie is fed up- with the whole situation with Ryan and Greenlee.

Aidan continues to suffer the pain of Greenlee turning down his proposal.

Erica and Carmen get a chilly reception from Mando's mother Louisa (Mando being Carmen's ex that set her up) but Erica refuses to back down. Carmen melts when she sees Mando again. Louisa gets the drop on Erica and Carmen when she snatches Erica's gun away from her.

What happens next? Find out in our All My Children spoilers!

All My Children
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