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All My Children
Episode Guide, 4.7.08

Today on All My Children, Greenlee tries to convince Ryan that she can help him recover his memories and get his life back. She selfishly admits she wants to be the one who does end up fixing him.

The intensity of the moment leads to a passionate kiss.

Greenlee is shaken back to reality as she realizes she might have ruined things with Aidan and regrets how she acted. She tells Ryan she can't get sucked in to saving him again — it ruined things for her once before.

Ryan urges Greenlee to go home and make things right with Aidan. As Greenlee starts to head out, Ryan has memories of the romance he and Greenlee shared but lies and doesn't tell her what he's remembering.

Meanwhile, Kendall covers for Aidan's drunken slip of the tongue when he almost reveals to Annie that he and Kendall slept together. Annie doesn't fully buy Kendall's cover story but has too much on her mind to really care. Livia questions Annie's decision when she meets with her to have divorce papers drawn up.

Jack and Zach realize where Erica and Carmen are headed: To Mando's mother's house. Erica is able to talk Louisa down and convinces her and Mando that she wants them to star in her new reality show.

Erica gets Louisa to open up to her about her and Mando's crimes as she secretly tape records her (in an effort to get Carmen cleared of the crimes she was framed for). Unfortunately, the tape recorder Erica has hidden in her bra begins to starting smoking.

After renewing their vows, Jesse takes Angie to the Valley Inn for a night of romance but one mishap leads to another and the two don't get as much romantic time as they want. The couple just laughs.

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