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All My Children
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Weds., July 27

Today on All My Children ...

At Fusion, Babe introduces a dumbfounded Randi to a new fragrance called "Working Girl." Jake and Taylor square off in a competition to see who can do the most push-ups.

Jesse hopes that a lug wrench found out on the highway will prove to be the murder weapon he's been looking for ever since Richie expired.

Zach grows sick and tired of Kendall constantly sticking her nose in everyone else's business. Ryan again assures a grateful Annie he isn't going anywhere.

Amanda suggests that Jake move into David's old cabin now that he's decided to let Taylor have the apartment.

Jesse is rattled to learn that his wife has been receiving hang-up calls.

Randi points out to Amanda and Babe why the name of their new product needs some work. Later, Greenlee and Kendall haughtily veto the addition of an affordable fragrance to the Fusion line, even after Amanda offers to personally bankroll the development and launch.

Ryan confides to Zach his concern that the abrupt change in Annie's behavior may indicate an illness he isn't prepared to handle.

Meanwhile, Kendall is floored when Greenlee agrees to give Annie her old job back. Jesse surprises Angie with a romantic picnic on their fire escape but evades her questions about his activities during his "missing" years.

Zach advises Ryan to test his wife's honesty before he accepts her version of events. Taylor explains to Jake why she feels duty bound to serve in Iraq, then bristles when he wonders why the U.S. is at war in the first place. Ryan admits to Greenlee that he loves her.

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