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All My Children
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August 28, 2008

On today's All My Children, Joe is pleased when Jake reports that he's decided to stick around Pine Valley after all.

Taylor implores Frankie to help her return to Iraq for a third deployment. Annie boasts to Adam that she's back in place at Fusion and ready to act as his corporate spy.

Ryan admits to Greenlee how all the tenderness he felt for her has come flooding back. Zach and Kendall enjoy some love in the afternoon in a room at the Beach Club.

Annie tells Adam about "Bella," the new project headed up by Amanda and Babe. Irked when Frankie refuses to override the Army medical officer's decision, Taylor insists she must get back to her combat unit as soon as possible.

As they bask in the afterglow, Zach urges his wife to start focusing her energy on their own family instead of obsessing on everyone else's problems. Amanda shows Jake around the cabin in the woods.

Concerned that his friend may be suffering from PTSD, Frankie asks Taylor if she's experiencing any flashbacks or nightmares.

Ryan assures Greenlee he's concentrating on Annie and his children from now on. A bristling Kendall accuses Zach of trying to control her life.

Pete offers Adam his assistance contaminating Fusion's new fragrance. Joe recommends bed rest for Annie after she comes to the ER complaining about cramps, but she elects to keep her husband in the dark about the doctor's advice.

Jake and Amanda have sex on the floor of the cabin
. Fletcher warns Frankie to either steal the drugs he needs or prepare to attend Randi's funeral.

Adam grudgingly agrees to put in a good word for Pete with Colby in exchange for the young man's chemical expertise. Greenlee fills Aidan in on her conversation with Ryan.

Frankie finally confides his dilemma to Jesse, who quickly sets in motion a plan to safeguard Randi. Taylor spots Amanda and Jake kissing.

Aidan decks Ryan with one punch.

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