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All My Children
Episode Recap
August 29, 2008

On Friday's All My Children ...

Erica drops in on Jackson and is appalled to discover that Carmen spent the night. An excited Babe explains to JR how an affordable fragrance named for her is about to explode onto the market.

Across town, Pete proudly shows Adam the additive he's concocted to help the mogul sabotage Fusion's newest product. Annie has a nightmare about her husband leaving her for Greenlee.

Meanwhile, a seething Aidan vows to beat all thoughts of Greenlee out of Ryan's head. Erica icily reminds Carmen how important her freedom is and how worried she was that her good friend might jeopardize her upcoming trial.

Though Ryan insists he doesn't want Greenlee, Aidan continues to use his would-be rival as a punching bag
. Opal mistakes Pete's chemical solution for cream and pours some into her morning coffee.

Taylor takes a fall during her jog and is forced to accept assistance from Jake and Amanda. Ryan finally admits he loves Greenlee but tries to convince Aidan he's committed to his own wife and family.

Erica asks her ex again if he wants Carmen. Later, Jack points out to Erica how many times they tried to make their own relationship work and how many times they failed.

Taylor tells Jake she's not crazy about the apartment she just rented. Carmen offers to never see Jackson again if Erica gives the word. Richie continues to taunt his agitated sister from beyond the grave.

Pleased when Opal comes down with hives and an attack of nausea, Adam swipes a vial of Pete's magic potion. Greenlee assures Aidan she loves only him.

Annie demands the truth from Ryan, then is crushed to hear his full confession. Concerned to note the chemistry between Taylor and Jake, Amanda invites the soldier to move onto the yacht with her.

Annie packs her bags and angrily announces that she's leaving with Emma. Adam plants a kiss on a fuming Erica.

Until next week on All My Children ...

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