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All My Children
Episode Recap
August 7, 2008

Today on All My Children ...

Ryan, Annie, Zach and Kendall all head to Las Vegas together aboard a private jet. Holding Frankie at gunpoint, Fletcher phones Randi to let her know he's cutting her loose.

In Vegas, Greenlee is entranced by the sight of an elderly couple who seem very much in love. Fletcher brags to Frankie about the mind games he's playing with Randi and advises the doctor to buy her freedom if he wants to save her from another vicious beating.

Foster and Babs introduce themselves to Aidan and Greenlee, then explain that they're finally about to be married after forty years of being apart.

Randi meets Amanda and is intrigued to learn that there might be a job opening up soon at Fusion. Annie continues to prey on Ryan's conflicting emotions.

Meanwhile, Zach cautions his wife not to push so hard that she tips Annie off to their suspicions. Greenlee and her fiance share their unusual love story with Babs and Foster.

Keeping her true agenda to herself, Kendall assures Annie that she can let bygones be bygones. Randi is hurt when Frankie offers to stake her to a fresh start in a city far from Pine Valley.

Jake again encounters the same woman during his daily jog and tries to introduce himself, but she quickly brushes him off. Frankie agrees to meet Fletcher's price.

Babs asks her new friends to attend her wedding.

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