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All My Children episode recap (part one)
As his sputtering prisoner is led away in handcuffs, Samuel informs Erica (Susan Lucci) she's being charged with insider trading. Desperate to preserve some semblance of order as the cameras keep rolling, Greenlee and Babe (Amanda Baker) loudly invite the crowd to join them for the after party at Confusion. Angie urges Jesse to tell her why he stayed away so long without a word.

All My Children episode recap (part two)
After advising Ryan (Cameron Mathison) to pay more attention to his own wife, Zach tries to reassure a worried Kendall that her mom will be fine. Wiping away his tears, Jesse recalls for Angie the day he was shot and how he was brutally interrogated later by strangers in a darkened room. At the precinct house, Jackson attempts to calm his agitated client but Erica rages at Samuel for betraying her trust.

All My Children episode recap (part three)
Aidan admits to Greenlee (Rebecca Budig) how he confronted Kendall and how she denied being pregnant. Jesse informs a baffled Angie that he can't reveal any more information about the last twenty years for fear of putting her life at risk. JR agrees to play a private game of poker with Babe for unusual stakes. Her patience wearing thin, Annie grows sick and tired of Ryan's constant obsession with his former flame.

All My Children episode recap (part four)
Erica ignores her attorney's advice and makes matters worse by suggesting to Samuel that she can help him win a Senate seat. Jesse and Angie succumb to passio. Zach consoles an unhappy Annie as Ryan cozies up to Kendall yet again. Samuel adds attempted bribery to the charges against Erica. After they make love, Angie asks Jesse about his scars. Annie orders Ryan to move out. Kendall takes the home pregnancy test.

All My Children
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