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The sexual tension is high as Babe and JR begin their poker game.

JR (Jacob Young) ups the ante when he turns their match into a game of strip poker and loses hand after hand. JR stops purposely losing and evens the score with Babe. Babe wonders why JR went through with the game after he admits he was going to agree to be Richie's bone marrow donor all along.

JR answers Babe's question with a passionate kiss and things quickly heat up between them. Richie learns JR is his donor match after hacking into the hospital computer. Richie has ominous plans for JR.

Jack warns Erica to let him do all the talking when they face the judge at her bail hearing. Erica can't hold her tongue and laces into a tirade against Samuel. Jack takes Erica back home with him.

After taking the pregnancy test, an emotional Kendall tells Aidan and Greenlee (Rebecca Budig) she is not pregnant. Zach hires a reluctant Aidan to be Kendall's bodyguard on her book tour since he won't be able to accompany her himself and still believes Ryan poses a threat.

Zach becomes upset when he learns Kendall thought she might have been pregnant and kept it a secret from him. Kendall and Zach quickly make up and make love. Kendall is stunned speechless when Zach tells her he hired Aidan to be her bodyguard while on the road.

All My Children
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