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PART ONE: Today on All My Children, Jesse promises Angie he'll never leave his family again. Greenlee's innocent question about how he found the blueprints for the bomb shelter triggers a hostile reaction from Aidan. Erica warns Kendall that taking Aidan along as a bodyguard for her book tour is a terrible idea. Ryan steels himself to explain to Emma why he can't live with her and her mom for a while. Angie learns of Remy's murder and tells a surprised Jesse how she dated the man some years back.

PART TWO: Kendall assures her skeptical mother that her one night stand with Aidan was a mistake she won't be repeating. Jesse wonders if Remy's death is connected to his own misadventure 20 years earlier. Erica scoffs at Kendall's suggestion that romantic sparks could fly between her and Samuel Woods. Greenlee tells Zach how glad she is that they've stayed platonic friends. Reluctant to be separated from his young daughter, Ryan yearns to stay but Annie insists they cannot be together as long as he keeps pining for Kendall.

Babe gently reminds Richie how she considers him a pal and nothing more.

All My Children
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