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Anxious to have Kendall as far from Ryan (Cameron Mathison) as possible, Zach encourages his wife to leave town on a short book signing tour. Aidan spends the night sleeping beside Greenlee in her hospital bed. Tad evades questions about the "old friend" he was talking to in the garage. Jesse sadly recalls the day 20 years earlier when he was forced to leave his family.

Kendall seductively reassures Zach he has nothing to worry about when it comes to her love for him. Ryan tells Annie how sorry he is that his amnesia is hurting her. Greenlee and Aidan (Aiden Turner) dream about sharing a bright future together. Aidan lies when his lover asks if he's been with anybody since they first hooked up. Frankie suspects Tad is holding back something.

Upset when Ryan suggests he may never regain his memory, Annie desperately tries to bring him back to the present but he balks at the prospect of having sex with her. Jesse attempts to help a frightened woman flee her abusive boyfriend but winds up being knocked cold as a result. Tad persuades Aidan to fly to Chicago to interview an inmate who may have info about Jesse.

All My Children
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