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When her guest cancels at the last minute, Erica shanghais a reluctant Jack into taking his place. After the show, Erica tells Jack they'll be having dinner together and won't take no for an answer.

Greenlee feels bad when she realizes that Aidan thinks she only agreed to go to the hospital because Zach asked her to. At the hospital, Angie's son Frankie is experiencing the same symptoms as Greenlee.

Angie insists Greenlee be admitted to the hospital immediately. Aidan learns Quentin and Frankie are one and the same. Angie believes that the source of Frankie and Greenlee illnesses might be linked to Aidan's property.

Meanwhile, Kendall is stunned when a representative from Hyperion comes to see her, explaining that they want to publish her novel as soon as possible.

Kendall quickly realizes that Greenlee submitted her personal manuscript for "Charm!" to the publisher and is ready to kill her when she arrives.

Zach readily agrees to help Ryan in his charitable efforts but is thrown by Ryan's latest over the top idea. Ryan continues to exhibit some odd behavior.

Annie tells Richie that she'll get tested as a possible donor only if he confesses all his crimes on paper and then disappears from her life for good.

All My Children
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