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Josh points out that Ryan is acting a bit over zealous in his desire to save the world. Meanwhile, Richie agrees to Annie's ultimatum - he'll confess all his crimes on paper and leave town if she agrees to test herself as a bone marrow donor.

Richie makes a horrendous yet truthful admission when he explains to Annie that he doesn't really feel bad for the terrible things he does.

Ryan races to the hospital when he learns Annie is there with Richie and flips out.

Kendall (Alicia Minshew) quickly changes her tune and embraces the thought of having her book published as she and Greenlee celebrate.

Julia arrives and insists Greenlee (Rebecca Budig) return to the hospital. Greenlee's life is on the line when she suddenly has trouble breathing.

Zach joins Angie and Aidan as they search Aidan's property for a clue as to what might be causing Frankie and Greenlee's illnesses.

Angie is upset when she sees firsthand how Frankie chose to live in the woods. Aidan (Aiden Turner) gets a call telling him about Sylvester.

JR convinces Adam that he's sincere about wanting to move back home as he sets out on his mission to get information about Kate from his father.

All My Children
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