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Angie hopes she's making the right decision when she begins an experimental treatment on Frankie. Alone, Angie prays to Jesse to help their son. Greenlee seems to be feeling better, but Frankie suddenly goes into cardiac arrest.

Jack is grateful when Erica donates blood for Frankie and Greenlee.

Erica (Susan Lucci) reaches out to Jack as they put their recent troubles aside. Erica is frustrated when she continues to be plagued by a possible financial problem.

While debating possible guests for New Beginnings, Erica watches a taped speech of Samuel Woods, a charismatic politician who vows to make the rich and powerful accountable for their crimes.

Babe is surprised to learn that JR has moved back in with Adam and is certain he's making a huge mistake. Krystal confesses to Babe what she and JR are really up to:

They are trying to get information on Tad's missing daughter, Kate. JR is touched when Adam presents him with a ring bearing the Chandler family crest, claiming it is a family heirloom.

JR, however, is unaware that Adam has had the ring fitted with a listening device. Richie manipulates Emma into wanting to be a donor for him, but Ryan and Annie have no intention of allowing her to do so.

All My Children
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