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PART I: Babe (Amanda Baker) confides to her mother how torn she feels by the men in her life. Already well on the mend, Ryan (Cameron Mathison) enjoys having a doting Annie staying close to his hospital bed. As Josh shouts a warning to his sister and brother-in-law, Zach urges Hannah to put down her gun and open the door. Dre tells Colby why he's been hiding out from his family. Out of Ryan's earshot, Annie tearfully admits to Julia how scared she was by her husband's close call. Zach sends Kendall to phone the police, then keeps Hannah occupied while Josh quietly wriggles out of the ropes.

PART II: Tad gives an agitated JR some fatherly advice about dealing with his troublesome dad. Following a brief struggle with Josh, Hannah makes good her escape. Ryan tells Annie how being so close to death has given him a fresh perspective on life. Sean bumps into Hannah in the park and offers the "damsel in distress" his ear. Colby (Ambyr Childers) decides to hide Dre within the Chandler mansion's network of secret tunnels. Hannah puts the moves on an intrigued Sean, who eagerly agrees to accompany her to a more private spot to have sex. Babe fantasizes about an erotic encounter with Richie.

All My Children
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