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All My Children
July 1, 2008 Recap

Today on All My Children ...

JR arrives at the casino and finds Zach loading a gun. Greenlee and Kendall decide to take matters into their own hands and figure out where Richie is holding Babe. Sensing Angie's disapproval, Randi assures the doctor she has no interest in Frankie.

Adam attempts to console a worried Krystal as she frets about her missing daughter. Richie phones his sister and orders her to bring more cash to the same cabin where he and Babe first got close months ago.

Frankie complains to Jake about his mother removing him from Randi's case. Blurting out that he still loves her, Adam asks Krystal why they couldn't have a second chance.

Zach tells JR his plan to track Richie down. Angie reminds Randi how much of a toll her risky lifestyle has taken on her entire existence. Aidan agrees to lend Zach and JR a hand.

Babe shakily tries to explain to her captor why she can't run off with him and leave her young son behind. Grateful for Adam's kind words about Babe, Krystal leans on his sympathetic shoulder.

Later, a comforting hug turns into a passionate embrace for Adam and his ex. Richie easily foils Babe's escape attempt.

Jake advises Frankie to ease up and let Randi make the first move if she feels the need to reach out for help.... until next time on All My Children!

All My Children
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