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All My Children
July 11, 2008

Today on All My Children, Greenlee decides to go sailing to clear her head. Frankie explains to his irate mother how Randi wound up in Cassandra's bed. Babe confides to JR how tired she is of the endless drama which constantly causes chaos at Fusion.

Colby, Dre and Cass continue to fret over the very real possibility that they ran Richie down. Meanwhile, Jesse presses a jittery Annie for details about her last encounter with her late brother.

Impressed with Babe's business acumen, JR offers to buy Fusion for her. Ryan assures Zach they're on the same side where Richie is concerned.

Randi accuses Angie of not wanting her precious son to get involved with a woman beneath his station. Out on the water, Greenlee contemplates whether or not to take Aidan back.

Colby apologizes to her friends for getting so wasted on her birthday. Anxious to steer a suspicious Jesse in a new direction, Annie tells the police chief how Richie claimed that Zach beat him up and threatened to kill him.

Petey Cortlandt drops by the Chandler mansion to visit Colby, who attempts to give him the bum's rush. While watching Greenlee through binoculars, Ryan is dismayed to see her fall overboard.

Kendall snarls at Annie after Jesse places Zach under arrest. Petey rattles Colby when he mentions that the bumper on her new car seems to be stained with blood.

What happens next? Find out in our All My Children spoilers!

All My Children
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