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All My Children
Mon., July 14, 2008

Today on All My Children ...

Krystal and Tad disagree about how best to handle Kathy's sudden refusal to go to summer camp. Pete prods a nervous Colby to let him in on her little secret. Jesse takes Zach back out to the spot where Richie died.

Appalled to see Greenlee fall into the boat, Ryan races out onto the water to effect a rescue. Tad suggests to his wife that Kathy might need a little extra attention but Krystal reminds him why she can't be painted as the evil stepmother.

Kendall icily accuses Annie of turning against the Slaters by stabbing Zach in the back. As he speeds towards Greenlee, Ryan is overcome by a flood of memories about the life they once shared.

Carmen rattles Krystal by showing up on the Martins' doorstep and announcing that she wants to talk about Adam. Zach again explains to Jesse that Richie was already dead when he stumbled over him on the road.

Dre, Cass and Colby all try to persuade Pete that he's simply been imagining things. Ryan rushes an unconscious Greenlee back to shore and declares his love to her just as she finally opens her eyes.

Tad reaches a compromise with Kathy. Meanwhile, Krystal quietly tells Carmen why her husband must never know she kissed Adam. In the ER, Ryan's adoration for Greenlee grows stronger.

Annie returns to the morgue to collect her brother's ashes.

Pete finally informs Colby and the others that he knew all along the blood on her car was human. Greenlee deflates Ryan's bubble by thanking him for saving her for Aidan.

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All My Children
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