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All My Children
July 16, 2008
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Samuel returns to the prison with news for Erica. Noting Colby's jumpiness, JR presses his little sister to tell him what's going on with her. Kendall is perplexed when Zach simply shrugs off Annie's betrayal.

Greenlee and Aidan enjoy making up for lost time. Ryan informs Annie that his memory has finally returned. JR suggests to Colby that she may have a drinking problem.

Meanwhile, Dre and Cass nervously wonder if Adam really can solve their dilemma. Samuel tells an astonished Erica she's going to be set free six weeks ahead of schedule.

Embarrassed to walk in on Aidan and Greenlee, Jake offers to move out but the happy couple convinces him to stay on. Ryan deliberately neglects to mention to his delighted wife that although his amnesia is gone he still wants Greenlee.

Zach admits to Kendall how he beat Richie up but again asserts that he didn't kill him. Colby coldly assures JR that she doesn't share his addiction to alcohol. Zach asks Annie to meet him at his office. Kendall guesses Ryan's secret.

Dre reminds Cass that he alone should take the hit if the truth comes out. Erica thanks Samuel for all his help. Later, however, Erica finds herself face to face with an angry fellow inmate.

Displaying Annie's wedding ring, Zach demands an explanation from her.

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