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All My Children
July 21, 2008

At the prison, Sable holds a knife to Erica's throat and accuses her fellow inmate of having sex with her husband. Stunned by Annie's news, Ryan assumes that his wife has been with another man.

As Jesse questions Adam about the car he reported stolen, Krystal arrives and backs up her ex-husband's lie. Meanwhile, Dre, Cass and Colby nervously wonder if Pete can be counted on to keep mum.

Panicked when Ryan begins talking divorce, Annie swears that she's never cheated and begs him to get tested. Meanwhile, Greenlee and Kendall quickly jump to the worst possible conclusion upon learning of Annie's pregnancy.

Jackson struggles to prevent the prison guards from making matters worse while Erica attempts to convince Sable that she and Harry were never an item. A fuming Pete tells Colby how her father threatened him.

Adam explains to an astonished Krystal why he's scrambling to protect his daughter from a charge of vehicular homicide. Kendall finally warns Ryan that Greenlee doesn't know how he feels about her.

Colby orders Pete to clam up... or else. Ryan receives lab results proving that he can indeed father a child. Erica manages to overpower Sable as Jack looks on. Krystal reluctantly agrees to keep Adam's secret.

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All My Children
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