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All My Children
Episode Recap, 7/24/08

Today on All My Children ...

Samuel drops by Erica's room at the Yacht Club to see how she's adjusting to life on the outside. Greenlee fills her father in on her boating accident and her subsequent reconciliation with Aidan.

After secretly setting up a nanny-cam, Annie asks Colby to come over and babysit Emma. Certain he still doesn't have the whole story, Ryan hires Aidan to investigate why he was never notified about the bogus vasectomy.

Frankie urges Randi to understand that she can have a better life. Samuel tells an amused Erica about his visit from Opal. Greenlee explains to Jackson how she's done a 180 on the subject of motherhood.

Randi warns Frankie that he's wasting his time trying to rescue her. Jake tells a surprised Angie how he once believed he was Colby's father. Unaware that they're being videotaped, Cass and Colby nervously discuss Richie's death.

As Samuel and Erica continue to grow closer, a roving paparazzi snaps a picture of the couple kissing. Frankie assures Randi he can handle her pimp. Later, Frankie learns that Fletcher has been following Cass around town.

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All My Children
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