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All My Children
Thursday, July 3

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Today on All My Children, Annie quietly slips into the cabin and cuts Richie free from the ropes encircling his wrists and ankles.

Corrina sees red when a tipsy Colby begins dancing flirtatiously with Ren during her birthday party.

Zach, Aidan and JR respond to Kendall's call for help but the women are flabbergasted to discover that their prisoner has managed to escape.

Carmen makes herself right at home in the Chandler mansion, much to Adam's dismay
. Jesse drops by the Laverys' place to question Annie about her brother and is surprised to learn from Ryan that his wife isn't home.

Meanwhile, as they make their getaway, Annie complains to Richie about the way he's still ruining her life. A jealous Corrina snipes at Ren for checking Colby out.

Carmen dispenses some unsolicited advice to her new employer. Ryan grows incensed when Jesse suggests that Annie might be working with her brother. Dre and Cassandra team up to get Colby safely home.

Sitting alone in his empty house, Adam realizes how much he misses Krystal. Kendall fears that her husband will kill Richie if Zach finds the fugitive before the police do.

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All My Children
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