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All My Children
July 31, 2008

Episode Recap

Samuel decides to hold an impromptu press conference to announce his intention to start publicly dating Erica Kane.

Babe wishes JR luck with his coup d'etat as he prepares for the Chandler Enterprises board meeting.

A worried Krystal warns Adam that his daughter has begun boozing and is on the verge of spinning completely out of control.

Jesse hesitantly shares with Angie the fact that photographic evidence has surfaced which proves her daughter and Dre were in the area where Richie died on the night of the hit-and-run.

Meanwhile, Cass shakily relates for Dre, Colby and Pete how she was grilled by her suspicious mother. JR confides to Babe that he finally feels like he deserves to take the helm of his father's business.

Erica and Samuel slip away from Jackson and the others to enjoy some quality time together. Cass suggests to a sputtering Colby that she's secretly enjoying all the "unwanted" attention from Pete.

Krystal reminds Adam how lying and keeping secrets always makes matters worse in the end. Erica encourages Samuel to believe that he and his son can forge a deeper bond.

Colby concocts a risky scheme to get herself and her friends off the hook.

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All My Children
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